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    Water Features


    A day filled with family fun. A day packed full of diving and sliding and playing games with the kids in the pool. At the end of it all, you seek a place to relax and listen to the gentle sounds of falling water to soothe your senses.

    Featuring Just Pools & Spas Unique Fountain Design

    3 Bubbler Cascade Fountain


    Remember the fun of diving and sliding into the backyard pool? Summer seemed endless while enjoying time with friends and family. The endless summer can again be yours, and the fun is better than ever!



    The Crown produces a gentle sprinkling that both entertains children and helps cool your pool. One single nozzle produces a fan of softly falling fingers of water.

    Crystal Falls

    The NEW CrystalFalls jet can be used with most pool designs to create a dramatic arching waterfall effect.


    Foam Jets

    Foam effects produce a mound of frothy, aerated water that provides substantial visual and sound impact.

    Fyrefly Jets

    The Fyrefly Jet easily mounts in your deck and comes in a lit and unlit version.



    The laminar effect is a high-tech illusion. The water is so well controlled it creates a continuous glass-like rod of water that hits the water virtually sound-free and splash-free.

    Stream Jets

    Elegant streams of water. The stream jets work well in combinations to create a canopy of arching water lining a classic pool.