About Us


In 1980, Helen and Ronald Just took notice of a growing industry in the area. St. Louis and its surrounding areas lacked a truly successful swimming pool company. In 1982, after a great deal of preparation, the couple decided to create just that – a pool company that would be not only successful, but would also provide unbeatable customer service. Managing the company from their home, the new business owners hit the ground running and, by 1983, were successful enough to move into a building located outside Arnold, Missouri. This marked the birth of Just Pools, Inc., and their success did not stop there.

By 1988, they had grown enough to build the company’s current building at 3987 West Outer Road South. Out of this building, Helen and Ron would continue offering unbeatable service and attention to detail until their 2003 retirement. Their children, Roy and MaDonna, would then begin carrying on the family success story. By adding several additional types of pools and spas and creating several departments within the company, they were able to provide services and products that were personalized to each customer. Just Pools, Inc., continues to take great pride in being honest and up-front with every one of its customers. It was this dedication that would pay off in January 2005, when Just Pools, Inc., received the honor of being the tenth company in the nation to be elected into the Pacific Pools Hall of Fame. Just Pools, Inc., will continue to make your backyard dreams come true as effortlessly as possible, with the same unparalleled service and attention to detail that the company was founded on more than 40 years ago.


Our Mission

At Just Pools, we are dedicated to giving you wonderful summer memories for years to come. We take pride in our professionalism when it comes to building your pool. From keeping you informed to cleaning up the mess, our goal is to get you swimming as soon as possible with a quality pool that will last. Our average inground pool building process is 4-6 weeks from start to finish, depending on the weather. 


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